This year “CBrAVIC -  Brazilian Congress on Vacuum Applications in Industry and Science”, celebrating its 40th edition, will be hold at UNESP, University of São Paulo State, Campus of Guaratinguetá, SP, Brazil. This initiative makes evident the maturity and dynamism of national scientific community working in different areas of knowledge like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Medicine and so on. Following the tradition of CBrAVIC’s previous editions, the Organizing Committee made all the efforts to congregate national and foreign researchers working in different knowledge areas in order to improve the Congress’s scientific level by means of several Plenary Invited Talks by outstanding scientists presenting the state of art in different fields of Science and Technology. The Organizing Committee hopes that this effort will strongly contribute for the personal and professional improvement of all Conference’s attendees. The Organizing Committee decided to improve significantly the paper’s poster presentation format eliminating the short oral communications. This decision has the objective of promoting more profitable and deep discussions among the paper authors and the interested attendees. Therefore the “Poster Sections” looses their quite marginal role into the Conference’s schedule being brought to the center of all attendee’s attention. The Organizing Committee hopes that this initiative will be appreciated by all XL CBrAVIC attendees and became a tradition that certainly will valorize all the efforts and care that authors spent in preparing their posters presentations. The Organizing Committee decided to promote the “Best Poster Awards” in undergraduate and graduate levels for papers with student’s authorship. The first author of the best poster will receive a money award and will have back the congress subscription fee as well as the other paper’s authors. The authors of the papers ranked in 2nd to 5th will also receive the congress’s subscription fee back. This initiative has the objective of enhancing the undergraduate and graduate student’s participation. The Organizing Committee hopes that all the congress’s attendees have a profitable participation in XL CBrAVIC and enjoy their stay at this nice city and appreciate so much the Guaratinguetá´s people hospitality !

The main issues to be addressed in this edition are:
  • Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Plasma Science and Technology
  • Materials Science and Technology
  • Atomic and Molecular Science
  • Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films
  • Instrumentation and Metrology
  • Energy: Renewable Sources and New Technologies
  • Biomaterials Science and Technology
  • Vacuum Applications in Industry
  • Treatment and Surface Modifications
  • Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
  • Science and Technology of Sensors and Devices

Organizing Committee
Konstantin Georgiev Kostov
 – Co-Chair – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Mauricio Antonio Algatti – Co-Chair – UNESP-Guaratinguetá

Rogério Pinto Mota – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Carlos Roberto Grandini – UNESP-Bauru
Carlos Alberto Fonzar Pintão – UNESP-Bauru
Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff – UNESP-Bauru
Cristiane Yumi Koga-Ito – UNESP-São José dos Campos
Fernando Luis de Campos Carvalho – UNESP-São José dos Campos
Alexandre Zirpoli Simões – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Edson Cocchieri Botelho – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Ana Paula Rosifini Alves - UNESP-Guaratinguetá

Luis Rogério de Oliveira Hein – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Olívia Maria Berengue – UNESP-Guaratinguetá
Nilson Cristino Cruz – UNESP-Sorocaba
Elidiane Cipriano Rangel – UNESP-Sorocaba
José Roberto Ribeiro Bortoleto – UNESP-Sorocaba
João Carlos Silos de Moraes – UNESP-Ilha Solteira
Angel Fidel Vilche Peña - UNESP-Presidente Prudente

Antonio Renato Bigansolli – UFRRJ-Seropédica
Ângelo Luiz Gobbi – CNPEM-Campinas
Pedro Augusto de Paula Nascente – UFSCar-São Carlos
Nazir Monteiro dos Santos– INPE- São José dos Campos
Mário Ueda – INPE-São José dos Campos
Francisco Tadeu Dagasperi– FATEC-São Paulo
Leide Lili Gonçalves Silva Kostov – FATEC-Pindamonhangaba